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Dr. John D. Wells, DDS, PA
Dr. JT Davis, DMD



Welcome to the office of Dr. John D. Wells, a leading dental practice dedicated to the specialty of endodontics located in Huntersville, North Carolina. Our team realizes the importance of your dental health and strives to provide all your endodontic needs in a clean, comfortable and stress-free environment. Dr. Wells has been practicing in this location since August 2001.

Using the most advanced techniques available today, we can perform root canal treatment with ultimate precision and comfort. We utilize state-of-the-art technology such as magnification, digital radiographs and cone beam imagery to ensure you are receiving the specialized care you deserve.


An endodontist is a dental specialist trained to evaluate and treat pain associated with your teeth. If the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth have been irreversibly damaged, rather than extracting the tooth, an endodontist may attempt to save the tooth by performing a root at difficult cases, such as teeth with unusual read more


What is an Apicoectomy?
When a conventional root canal is not successful or can not be performed, endodontic surgery may be required. An incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the bone and surrounding inflamed tissue. read more


What should I do if my tooth is traumatized?
Dentists refer to a knocked-out tooth as an “avulsed” tooth. This is one of the most serious dental emergencies, but the damage isn’t necessarily permanent. If you act quickly, there’s a good chance the tooth can be saved. read more

I could go on for an hour about how impressed I was with Dr John Wells and his staff! Both are in tandem and will provide you with the best dental experience you could ask for. I read the reviews prior to meeting these dedicated professional people. I can assure you there is a reason for all these great reviews. You will not find a better team!!


Dr. Wells diagnosed & resolved a 5-year problem that other dentists & specialists could not figure out! He saved my tooth, a lot of $$$, and fixed my pain!


You may not believe this, but it’s true! Dr. Wells was the 9th dentist, endodontist, or specialist to diagnose & finally RESOLVE a problem I’d had on just one tooth over the past 5 years or so… His state-of-the-art equipment plus his knowledge & experience saved my tooth, saved me a lot of money, recovery time, and has totally resolved my long-term issue. My pain is finally gone thanks to him! I would totally recommend Dr. Wells and his staff to anyone having any issues that go beyond what a regular dentist can perform or diagnose.